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What if 4-Sacred Hours Could Reawaken 
Your Soul and Accelerate Your Destiny?
Do you feel your soul crying out for more? Are you at peace within? Do you have a knowing deep inside that you are powerful and there is something bigger that you are supposed to do but you don’t know how to start? Stop denying your inner voice and embrace your power. Reach new heights, decide to begin the exploration within and work towards being all that you were created to be. If this sounds like you, the time is NOW. Awaken your radiance and join us at the Captivating Woman 2016 Radiant Tour.
The Captivating Woman 5-City Radiant Tour kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday, March 12th, and wraps up in Chicago on Saturday, April 2nd, with stops in Houston, Harlem and Hollywood. Award-winning Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Celebrated Author, Shannon Yvette, leads the tour vision. A dynamic team of Transformative Thought Leaders, Coaches and Empowerment Speakers will join Shannon in each city. Together, they will host a series of intimate workshops where you will be educated with new, intuitive and essential empowerment and self-mastery techniques and soul care principles.  
It’s time to take the Quantum Leap into Your Destiny! 
“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.”
― Marianne Williamson
Through live lectures, alignment exercises, soul-level energy and biblically centered spiritual healing work, you will tap into limitless possibilities, higher-consciousness and sustainable peace.
•   Are you ready to reawaken heart, mind and soul?
•   Are you ready to emerge with a new success blueprint?
•   Are you ready to become whole with a re-branded self-image?

No matter what city you choose, you will leave this 4-hour, LIVE- inspired session, restored in love, authentic living, purpose and expanded spiritual clarity.
It’s time to live a fully actualized life. Join other like-minded, spiritually evolved workshop attendees and be fortified with the tools to reclaim abundant life and live with greater ease, expression and intention. 
You possess a Divine resilience within to move mountains, advance beyond obstacles and triumph over any circumstance. It’s time to manifest a better life. Your faith will make you whole.
Distractions SCREAM yet the call of destiny whispers. It’s time to move from paralysis to purpose by walking in the power and clarity of your calling.
Soft is the new strong. Let’s return to the sacred, feminine art of self-nurturing, gentleness, spiritual ritual and soul-care. Get ready to release all limits to love and tap into deliberate receiving.
A free woman shines unapologetically in the beauty of her unique design. She flows with ease and authenticity. You will unshackle your heart from past pain and walk in the power of creative expression and love.
“Fortune favors the bold.” As your soul expands and evolves so will your financial wisdom and wealth. It’s time to cultivate a prosperity consciousness and become a magnet for mega success.
“The most powerful woman in the room is the woman at peace with God. 
The most beautiful woman in the room is the woman at peace with herself.”
Shannon Yvette
For the past two decades, Shannon Yvette has lived one mission: empower women to embrace their God-given calling, worth and value. Shannon is an award-winning speaker, celebrated author and intuitive pioneer in the field of women's spiritual and holistic health. Shannon’s body of work has gained the attention and recognition of some of the world’s greatest leaders including Bishop T.D. Jakes, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey. 

Shannon has provided thousands with the self-discovery tools to flow successfully in their unique purpose, evolve from past pain, and cultivate a life of deeper significance, love and emotional freedom. She inspires audiences with messages of authentic life, wholeness and sustainable transformation. 

Shannon has mentored over 100,000 women via her national workshops, inner-healing retreats, books, blog, online platforms and private coaching practice. Countless mentees have gone on to cultivate extraordinary romantic love, realize profound personal power and peace, launch international coaching practices and run successful online businesses. With expert teaching that ranges from femininity and relationships to faith, fortune and entrepreneurial vision, Shannon challenges people to examine the limiting beliefs that have sabotaged them from experiencing God’s best for their lives. She is the founder of Captivating Woman Workshops and is also the author of Worthy: The Power of Wholeness.

"Shannon is the last word on relationships and the first word on the heart. She is that best kind of girlfriend, the one that like a sister feels your pain but like a mentor equips you to rise above it and be that best part of yourself. A gold standard relationship guru to be sure, she is to the modern woman what Spielberg is to cinema,...the voice of a generation".

Author, Political Activist – Erin L. Wiley


"Shannon sounds the bell for those who are ready for more. Not just more stuff, but for more life. If you've been living with the internal tension of your reality being light years away from the life you desire, Shannon helps you do the inner work of facing and examining your true beliefs. Her words sound the call for the radical heart change that brings about the most powerful kind of transformation [into worthiness]."

Chika Chukudebelu (Manager of Original Programming, BET Networks)


"Shannon's teachings in the area of personal wholeness, restoration and self-worth added light and perspective to areas in my life that were in some serious need of refinement. Her gentle and loving nature helped me to unabashedly confront these areas and take healthy, balanced and spiritually wholesome steps towards becoming my best self. Shannon Yvette is truly a blessed soul, and I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

M. Raphaelle Jean, MD, MPH


"This workshop is not one you will want to pass up. It's a dose of the "therapy" we all need! So much has been brought to light for me and it's far beyond anything I could have googled or guessed at. It's a lot of knowledge properly packaged for personal growth and healing. This type of teaching should be a life requirement once a year at least so that people have the opportunity to live fully and live consciously! I'm so ready to get my more of my life!"

Jaimi Alexander (On Camera Event host/Creator of @SoSleepless Network)


"Where would I be without Shannon Yvette? Perhaps, just another woman with that nagging feeling that, "This can't possibly be it? This can't be all that life has to offer." Shannon challenges you to own the very gift and talents that God blesses you with and fulfill the calling that come with those gifts. Honestly, there are times when you just know that you don't have everything you need to go to the next need help, you need clarity, you need wisdom, you need someone knowledgeable in life, love and need Shannon Yvette."

Cynthia Jackson (Fitness Coach/Owner – My Breakthrough Body)
We look forward to spending this day of truth-alignment, life reset and spiritual renewal with you
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